SPARKS, Md., March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire

AiRISTA introduces sofia®, a resource location tracking platform to increase preparedness and reduce errors in healthcare delivery. Its intuitive portal interface and simplified deployment monitors the movement of patients, staff and equipment to react to the dynamics of care delivery in the moment.

The AiRISTA sofia® platform uses wireless tags to track the location and condition of people and things for better situational awareness across healthcare delivery. Fast to deploy, small BLE gateways are used as anchor points that leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to communicate with the AiRISTA Cloud®. AiRISTA patented technology provides for 2-way communication with the tags to send text messages & configuration settings to tags and deliver from tags user definable button pushes. With reports and workflows for a variety of use cases, the system is easy to learn and simple to operate.

  • Equipment Tracking: find equipment when you need it, confident that it has been sterilized or calibrated.
  • Patient Flow: reduce wait times, anticipate surges, and improve the patient experience.
  • Staff Workflow: automate nurse rounding and recording of patient visit durations.
  • Contact tracing: alert to social distancing and isolate infection flareups.
  • Wander management: protect patients and seniors during unattended periods.
  • Environmental monitoring: remotely record and alert to temperature and humidity conditions and alerting.

“Unless location insights are shared across the entire patient journey, the full opportunity for a better patient experience is missed”, says Sy Sajjad, CEO of AiRISTA. “With sofia, it becomes easy for all departments to share in the movement of people and equipment through a common portal. We have seen customers significantly increase the return on their technology investment when applied across department boundaries.”

The AiRISTA sofia® platform combines on a single platform complementary use cases to increase preparedness and reduce errors in the delivery of patient care. Use cases are licensed as a subscription, allowing you to expand as your needs change. Deployment and training by the AiRISTA delivery team is done in days rather than months.

AiRISTA Location Services Solutions are the heart of some of the world’s largest deployments representing hundreds of thousands of end points per customer in demanding environments like the California Department of State Hospitals, the US Defense Health Service, and Fortune 500 companies. For details visit our web site or contact us for a demo (